Captain Seats

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Captain Seats

Postby MrH29 » 10 Mar 2010, 19:54

I have been offered some captain seats for me T3, however one of the arms is missing, does anyone know if I might be able to get hold of or possibly make another arm?
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Re: Captain Seats

Postby chuckle-bus-tom » 11 Mar 2010, 11:20

The arms do come up on eBay and and depending on whether you can handle having a different colour shouldn't be too hard to get.

I may be wrong, but I think there's a company that makes them, as you can screw them into standard seats.
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Re: Captain Seats

Postby Johny B » 11 Mar 2010, 21:15

Would be cool if you know the companys name :ok
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Re: Captain Seats

Postby MrH29 » 11 Mar 2010, 22:14

Johny B wrote:Would be cool if you know the companys name :ok

You need one too?

I know I can get a repair bracket for the arms but not found the arms themselves, I was thinking about just making the shape out of either steel or by laminating mdf together then getting the seats re upholsterd, if I did it right you wouldnt tell the difference. However alot easier if I couls source an arm. I hope they aint handed!
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Re: Captain Seats

Postby sunburntwilly » 13 Jun 2010, 11:24

I found a pair of seats that will fit the T3 there stratos suspension seat's. the springs run up the back not under the seat so they are very shallow
But very very expensive ($1800 aus) But what might interest you here is you can buy the armrests seperate and I think adapt them to our seats
just a thought
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