-30mm springs only with 16" alloys - pics?

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-30mm springs only with 16" alloys - pics?

Postby Yozza » 19 Apr 2010, 00:08

Ay up,
I'm toying with the idea of lowering but I don't want a slammed motor as the wife insists it's a "comfy" camper, so I'm looking at either -30 or -50 springs, however, I do want to keep costs down and comfort up. I also have a set of merc alloys awaiting (16"). Is -30 a waste of time and does this still make the van look like a crop duster with alloys on? Pics would be great if any of you have them? I'm trying to get a good balance of ride, comfort and kudos!
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Re: -30mm springs only with 16" alloys - pics?

Postby billy739 » 20 Apr 2010, 07:01

my fully loaded autohomes high top kamper when sat on the drive - not show laden sits the same height as my panelvan /multivan conversion which is sat on -30 OEM springs If that helps.

-30 looks natural - but not panel van normal with room to load!
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