engine mounts on my aaz

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engine mounts on my aaz

Postby dazzerT251900td » 17 Jul 2011, 08:55

hello every one.

Looking down on my AAZ engine on my type 25, the engine mounting on the right side i've noticed that one of the bolts is loose, keeps turning when I tighten it. The bottom right one at four o'clock ish. I've been told to check these bolts by someone else. Because my friends engine dropped because all three bolts snapped.

Any advice on what to do next would be much appreciated.

I was thinking of jacking the engine up and taking pressure of the bolt to see if I could get it out and refit a new one. And check thread.


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Re: engine mounts on my aaz

Postby langb20 » 17 Jul 2011, 18:22

aye because these engines in the golf/jetta/etc. (mounted at 15degrees) didn't use all the holes, when you come to need them when installing in a van at 50degrees, usually the threads are all rusted up and require tapping prior to use. the installer of the engine into your van may or may not have tapped them, or there may just have been not enough thread left due to the dreadded tin worm.

As you say, best to jack up the engine (note don't just jack up the oil sump, it's only alloy and will crack more than likely) or support from above with a proper engine bar, if you don't know what you're doing there then leave to an expert since engines are heavy and can crush a human bean no problem if you're going scrabbling round under there. safety first

once the engine is supported and not going anywhere, best take the engine mount off so you can inspect the state of the threads, these can be re-tapped one size up as they're usually quite meaty (and get the corresponding thicker bolt) - will likely need to drill the mount hole to suit also. people have done this i'm sure i've read up - do a search and there will probably be some threads on here for that

good luck :ok
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Re: engine mounts on my aaz

Postby Aidan » 18 Jul 2011, 07:13

it's possible to fit a timesert too,, Hacksaw bob did it on his engine using my Timesert M10 kit
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Re: engine mounts on my aaz

Postby dazzerT251900td » 18 Jul 2011, 19:04

cheers to all your super answers,much apperated.i ve booked it in at my m.o.t. garage.I am asked him to check all engine mountings.we had to jack my mates up,all his top three bolts had sheared off and had left the thread inside the holes.he had to have all three holes re-drilled and bigger bolts put in.thats whats made me check my engine mounts. thanks again. daz
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