. . Zetec in T25

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. . Zetec in T25

Postby Nice Dude » 13 Sep 2011, 08:01

Hi, has anyone had experience or heard of a . . Zetec 16v (petrol) fitted into a T25? I currenly have a 1.9DG water cooled in my van, looking to increase pulling power with something bit more reliable and modern. I have a good friend who has used this lump in an MGBGT and does his own fabrication so this part is ot too much of an issue but wondered if this conversion has been done before. to keep it simple though i wouuld be looking at running carbs on it. any help, tips etc would be great thanks.
Nice Dude
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Re: . . Zetec in T25

Postby poshbuggers » 13 Sep 2011, 08:09

Get on the Vanagon/Eurovan forum at http://www.thesamba.com

Guys on there are doing them under the guise of a weird name for the conversion (like Boscom or something).

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Re: . . Zetec in T25

Postby Nice Dude » 13 Sep 2011, 10:47

Great thanks for the info!
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Re: . . Zetec in T25

Postby windysurfer » 13 Sep 2011, 12:00

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Re: . . Zetec in T25

Postby Aidan » 14 Sep 2011, 06:43

got a good rep in the states, Daryl the transmission man runs one, I believe
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Re: . . Zetec in T25

Postby silverbullet » 14 Sep 2011, 12:38

The F..d is a very short engine and goes under a standard hatch bolt upright, I believe. But it's a F..d

Why not a VW inline 4? All the wiring has been sussed and it uses diesel mounting hardware and plumbing. VW lego!

FWIW, I would like to put modern efi (like Megasquirt) on a wbx. It would perk up a 1.9 and make a 2.1 usefully more economical. Just a thought.
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