CS to JR conversion?

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CS to JR conversion?

Postby coopervan » 18 Oct 2011, 20:53

Hi all,

Wondered if anyone has done one of these that can offer me any advice?

My '81 CS is fast dying. Suspect warped head or more (snapped water pump belt & dodgy gauges didn't give me any proper notice), although it starts & runs fine but seems to be pressurising the water system (now weeping from heater matrix area).

I've invested (quite heavily) in an '87 golf 1.6td, JR engine code - non intercooler, with a view to trying to effect a JX type upgrade to the van. The engine seems genuine low mileage (circa 65k ish), but doesn't seem to pull that strong even in the Golf, unless it's near top end of the revs all of the time. Golf tops out at 85 in 5th. I have some concerns re this. Doesn't smoke & turbo appears to give some power at top end accompanying a change in engine tone (sort of growling / more vibration & power type feeling if that makes sense?) No sign of air leak from turbo pipes & all oil tight.

Before I start with any possible engine swap can anyone give me any pointers re fitting this in place of the expirng CS? Extra bits/mods needed. Visually it already looks like a JX injector pump will be needed as the golf has a much higher top than the CS (both Bosch) & clearance looks like it might be an issue. Is the turbo, inlet & exhaust manifold the same? Waterpump looks like a straight swap. Is there much else I need to be concerned about?

I'm no expert mechanic but reasonably competent and wonder whether it's worth trying this, or whether to ditch the idea & sell Golf & take a different route. I'm not after tarmac curling power, just something more to help with the hills, preferably 1.6 again due to the insurance man.

Thanks in advance for anything you can offer.
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Re: CS to JR conversion?

Postby colinthefox » 18 Oct 2011, 21:46

If you're starting with a non-turbo engine, it is much simpler to get improved performance by using a 1.9 non-turbo engine such as a 1Y or AEF. That way you can use many of the CS bits, and they will certainly work OK with the original gearbox, exhaust and inlet tracts. I'm in the normally aspirated camp due to it's simplicity and reliability, but many on here favour the turbo route. If you do decide to go turbo, then for pretty much the same amount of work you could have a 1.9 turbo.

There's loads of information on here and the brickyard about 1Y and AEF engines. Have a good look around, then ask any specific questions you may have.
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Re: CS to JR conversion?

Postby coopervan » 18 Oct 2011, 22:00

Thnaks for your advice Colin.

I've had a good look at the info for 1Y & it just seemed a bit tricker with port matching/clearance issues etc. The idea of the JR interested me as it's similar era to the CS so assumed easier parts carry over, plus 30% power & torque hike. I also understood JR to be very similar to JP (except for turbo bits) & which I thought was fairly much a straight swap for the CS.

I'm not hell bent on going the turbo route, but just trying to keep the swap as straighforward & reliable as possible, with a bit more oomph for the hills as we have 7 of them in Sheffield!

1.6 engine would also be slightly preferable for the insurance man, as mine is homebrew LHD, so a number of hurdles already to cross & log book was marked up as TD in error, when I imported the van a few years ago.
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Re: CS to JR conversion?

Postby jtwhitestar » 21 Oct 2011, 18:33

we spoke before
nobody likes the idea of a jr but will at one point do it.
i have 1.9 n/a aef and with a bit of tweeting is really good.
but touch a incline and sit with the milk floats. hence why i want a turbo.
let me know how you get on
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