Removal of Washer Jets

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Removal of Washer Jets

Postby Jutstar » 28 Feb 2009, 21:56

My van has recently had a respray, (by the previous owner), just found out that the water jets don t want to work after a bit of investigation it appears that the muppets did not reconnect the water line...........grrrrrrrr.

Now i want to sort it and was advised before if i take the jets off i should be able to hook the line and reconnect, i was also advised that to take the jets out you had to turn them 45 degrees then you could get to them by lying on the floor of the van and look under the dash you should be able to see then and just put some pilers on the back and pop em out............sounds simple but i for the life of me can t see them or feel them, i m half tempted just to rip the old jets out and buy a couple of new ones, but this would be a bit drastic if i could sort it.

Any advice on the above would as always be gratefully received.
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Re: Removal of Washer Jets

Postby scamperman » 28 Feb 2009, 22:24


I had the same problem removing mine,i think they should turn as you say 45 degrees but i guess overspray and dirt makes life awkward.I guess if you grabbed em with some pliers in a rag to keep damage to a minimum you might do it.There are 2 little lugs either side (fiddling tiny bits of plastic),if you can slide something in without damaging your paint you could have some joy.I used a craft knife and cut the lugs off.Yeh you end up buying new jets but you know it is'nt gonna be a problem again.As for seeing the pipes,i think that part of the front of the van is pretty much sealed box section and not accessable.If you remove the light grill(from memory!)you can see top right a grommet where the pipes enter the top bit but i guess you'd have to feed a cable through your jetholes and 'fish'the pipe back through.Hope you get sorted.

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Re: Removal of Washer Jets

Postby Titus A Duxass » 01 Mar 2009, 06:46

Removal of the jets usually results in them being totalled.
They are only cheap so buy some new ones or buy some Pug 307 ones for a better spray.

To retrieve the pipes:
Remove the instrument panel cover and the plastic skirt from around the master cylinder.
Remove the washer jets.
Straighten out a wire coat hanger and feed it through the jet hole towards the master cylinder.
Locate water pipes and end of wire coat hanger (the water pipe is usually up and to the left of the master cylinder).
Force the water pipe over the end of the wire coat hanger.
Gently withdraw the coat hanger from the hole.

With a bit of luck the pipe will still be attached.
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