lowering springs

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lowering springs

Postby stevo1980 » 01 Mar 2009, 12:25

Im seriously thinking of lowering my van but iv never done anything like this and just need to know a few things.
1. do i need to change the shocks as well as springs
2. where is the best place to buy this kit
3. will it be horrible and bumpy
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Re: lowering springs

Postby mrhutch » 01 Mar 2009, 12:30

[1] no, but if in doubt of the effectiveness and if the wallet allows, replace them
[2] how low are you going to go, and whats the budget?
[3] done right and not massive drop no, will be fine ..

the definative guide IMHO : http://www.brick-yard.co.uk/VehicleSpecific/T3/info/mods/lowering/lowering.htm

brickwerks is the place to buy kits/springs from (again IMHO), Simon is a top bloke. http://www.brickwerks.co.uk/
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Re: lowering springs

Postby dink » 01 Mar 2009, 19:17

i bought a set of lowering springs and sampers, second hand from the forsale forum (thanks recicles)
to be honest it doesn't feel any worse of a ride than my bus was before i changed them over, unless my old springs and dampers were shot
he (recicles) said the AVO kit he's fitted in replacement was much much better
for me these feel fine, I feel no need to change them
while you are under there, take a close look at bushes and joints, all of mine are going to need replacing, before the next MOT
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