Gearbox corrosion warning.

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Gearbox corrosion warning.

Postby Brooky » 02 Mar 2009, 12:38

Hi all,
Got a bit of bother with my 5 speed DW gearbox attached to a 1.9 DG engine.
You know the rear mounting is a nice heavy steel plate that bolts to the back of the gearbox? Yeah? Well over the period since 1987 when the van was built and in the ensuing 200,000 miles electrolysis has occurred and eaten away the gearbox end case so that it has now pi**ed a load of oil out where the casing has disappeared!
I sort of doubt that a new case is available so I've got it off, going to give it a bloody good clean up and then get a magician to replace the gaps with weld.
Just a word to the wise though everybody. Electrolysis between dissimilar metals, exacerbated by salty roads over a long period of time and this is what you get.
Get under there & steam clean this area off periodically then apply some wayoyl!
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Re: Gearbox corrosion warning.

Postby Pepperami » 02 Mar 2009, 13:07

Contact Aiden. He built my gear box using a new case. He has built alot of gearbox's for people on here.
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Re: Gearbox corrosion warning.

Postby billy739 » 02 Mar 2009, 21:56

you have to be acrefull as the casing supports a major bearing in the gearbox!

some times the corrosion distorts the case squashing the bearing and damaging the gears!
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