Newbie couple of questions

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Newbie couple of questions

Postby webbaldo » 03 Mar 2009, 15:38

May sound daft but with the cost and issues with WBX engines, whats the problem with converting a wbx t25 to Aircooled? Except the obvious stuff such as radiator etc what other issues arise? feel free to laugh, im a newbie to flat 4's so still learning. The reason I say is that my vans got about id say a year before the engine may need replaced and Aircooled ones seem alot cheaper and im not really bothered about losing a few mph or the heaters system as its a summer only van.

Also the just kampers 4 round headlight conversion. would that be ok for a square light van?
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Re: Newbie couple of questions

Postby jason k » 03 Mar 2009, 17:19

why would you want to do that??

type 4 Aircooled motors (which is what you would need) are getting expensive.

if your wbx goes pop fit another wbx or a scooby (modern flat 4)

its like selling your house to move into a tree :lol:

as for the lights rhd square lamp set ups are rare and worth a fair few quid, you would need two new outer lights as the jk kit only comes with the inner lamps.

personally i'd keep the twin squares
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Re: Newbie couple of questions

Postby kevtherev » 03 Mar 2009, 18:04

webbaldo wrote:May sound daft

it did for me ":D"
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Re: Newbie couple of questions

Postby A KIRK » 03 Mar 2009, 19:53

As much as I love my Aircooled, I don't think I would go down the route of converting a water cooled to air cooled.

In theory if you don't want/need the eaters to work then its a piece of cake, you might need to change your gearbox depending on the box you have, but apart fromt hat it should be quite an easy swap if you find an Aircooled engine in good condition.

Why not start searching for a second hand replacement for yours, or simply have yours rebuilt over next winter etc
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Re: Newbie couple of questions

Postby badger » 03 Mar 2009, 19:58

jason k wrote:
its like selling your house to move into a tree ":lol:"

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Re: Newbie couple of questions

Postby getunder » 03 Mar 2009, 20:33

Watercooled upped the power by about 20% as Aircooled size increased from original 1300cc had reached the limit of thermal efficiency and so power was deliberately kept low. Power increase was worth another gear. Would I go back - no way, mind my Aircooled was knadgered. Had a friendly dice with a 1.9 a/c on the motorway once. Got bored, put my foot down and just sailed away on hills. Heigh ho, Silver !
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Re: Newbie couple of questions

Postby webbaldo » 03 Mar 2009, 21:05

how easy/cheap is it to recon a wbx yourself?

ive rebuilt mini a series and . . pinto engines before without hassle, just nowt german!
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