Insurance? who is best?

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Insurance? who is best?

Postby BIG D » 10 Mar 2009, 18:39

I know this not a tech question just wandered who to insure with I was with sureteam direct but me van has been off the road for a bit.

Does anyone recommend a company? and does that come with breakdown cover!!!!!
oh yeh and how much are you paying?? roughly??

Cheers Dave
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Re: Insurance? who is best?

Postby kevtherev » 10 Mar 2009, 18:51

BIG D wrote:I know this not a tech question

no it isn't...
Try asking in general chat might get more answers... and this subject has come up lots of times... so try the search for even more enthusiastic responses
":D" ":D"
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Re: Insurance? who is best?

Postby asahartz » 10 Mar 2009, 19:12

There was a really useful post on this back in Oct/Nov when I renewed. Sureterm were quite good, as were HIC/Flux, but I think RH came out best on that one.

But just a heads-up on "included" breakdown cover. We took this out for my daughter when she moved away from home. It has proved to be the biggest disappointment ever. The worst was on one winter morning when (as it transpired) her battery terminals were corroded. She phoned up, gave her location as accurately as she could (and we all know it's not easy when you're somewhere you don't know - seems to me it can be difficult enough to get some operators to comprehend even when you know exactly where you are!). The company sent out an agent who couldn't find her, decided it was not part of his area, then went back to his depot. They then refused to send another agent out as "she has had her one call for the day".
I have a teenage daughter phoning me from 100 miles away in tears. I'm trying to teach a class. She's supposed to be on teaching practice.
My wife had to phone them and argue the toss - they agree to send another agent but want to charge £90 for it. Two teenage girls in a freezing car by a roundabout for 2 1/2 hours. Luckily some people living nearby made them a cuppa.
As it happened, our Green Flag family cover still includes my daughter, even though she has her own car at college. Green Flag have never been less than brilliant for us, and they sorted her out this time. And will continue to do so.

But insurance company breakdown cover? Never again.
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Re: Insurance? who is best?

Postby b1llyf1sh » 10 Mar 2009, 20:00

Having read the above post, I feel I should give credit when it's due. We're insured with Flux and took out their rescue plan. Only had to use them once (so far, touch wood). Van spluttered to a halt 10 miles into a 100 mile trip home, rolled into a layby, called Flux and put the kettle on. Within an hour a big White truck with orange flashy lights turned up and a cheerful bloke promptly set to work. He got us going and followed us for a bit to see if we were ok. We weren't, water in the fuel because of a split in the filler pipe rubber, so he picked us up on the back of his big White truck, carried us and 2dogs 90 miles home at 10.30 on a Sunday evening. He even backed his big White truck down the alley behind our house and helped me push the van into the garage in disgrace. Could only have been happier if we hadn't had to call them in the first place. To make it even better, my renewal price for breakdown cover is unchanged despite this.
Believe it or not, I don't work for Flux, but feel that credit is due for the top service they gave me.
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Re: Insurance? who is best?

Postby BIG D » 10 Mar 2009, 20:03

Thanks to both of you for info

cheers dave
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Re: Insurance? who is best?

Postby getunder » 10 Mar 2009, 22:20

Footman James sorted me out in Switzerland and France where incidentally you have to ring the Police if on a motorway not contact agents in Lyon.French Police don't speak English :!: Paid for 2 overnights in France plus several breakdowns in UK. No subsequent loading. Only thing they didn't cover was free get you home after accidentally putting Diesel in Petrol tank as it was deemed self inflicted . Doing this seems patchy with breakdown companies.
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Re: Insurance? who is best?

Postby CovKid » 11 Mar 2009, 15:59

HIC for insurance but try IC-breakdown for recovery (only £27 a year!)
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