ngk sparkplugs on lpg

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ngk sparkplugs on lpg

Postby lambrettalee » 06 May 2010, 21:50

are the standard 3 electrode NGK BUR6ET plugs Ok to be used on gas?... I had standard single electrode ngks in the van previously but have a set of bur 6ets available to use .. I have been told it will burn more fuel????
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Re: ngk sparkplugs on lpg

Postby phredd » 07 May 2010, 07:09

If I remember correctly single electrode for gas is best.
Have a word with "Gasure" he will advise you better.

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Re: ngk sparkplugs on lpg

Postby lambrettalee » 07 May 2010, 16:18

your right I tried them today and she,s not a happy van... Thanks
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Re: ngk sparkplugs on lpg

Postby dugwiththevwbug » 07 May 2010, 18:19

single electrode and silvered if poss that what i run on my tug 90 petrol landy
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Re: ngk sparkplugs on lpg

Postby AngeloEvs » 09 May 2010, 12:03

I always understood that single electrode should be used on LPG but I have read on this forum that some owners find the triple elctrodes work just fine on LPG (which rather suprised me but .....these are VW's).
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Re: ngk sparkplugs on lpg

Postby toomanytoys » 09 May 2010, 19:32

Yeah, I have run triple electrode boch plugs all the time the Velle was on lpg.. no problems... T3volution - Transporter upgrade and enhancement facility
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