Suspension refurb

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Suspension refurb

Postby poshbuggers » 17 Feb 2014, 19:01

I'm hoping to do a front suspension and brake upgrade soon. This includes 2wd 'Green' HD springs, balljoint spacers, shock extenders and Audi brakes.

While I have to take it apart I fancy replacing a few awkward bits so any ballache jobs I can afford are out of the way. I can do the easier bits later, when I can afford and as I feel up to it. It's a while since I gutted a Syncro front so can anyone point out the 'pain in the a***' bits I can swap while I do this?

I'm thinking balljoints, upper wishbone bushes but what else? I don't mind forking out for new bushes, bolts and washers.

It's a '90 spec van.

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Re: Suspension refurb

Postby ..lee.. » 17 Feb 2014, 23:28

By all means strip and clean everything but I'd only replace what needs to be done. Still some quality issues in some parts and perfectly serviceable oe stuff will out last some " new" products.
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Re: Suspension refurb

Postby Yozza » 18 Feb 2014, 04:14

You may want to consider longer wheel studs (alloys) if you're replacing the front bearings, something I forgot to do :shock:
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