tail gate for 1986 T25 syncro

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tail gate for 1986 T25 syncro

Postby syncro4us » 22 Feb 2014, 12:14

Anyone got a tailgate in reasonable condition for my T25 syncro 1986 if possible with joker plastic window
but bare shell will do.
Alternatively anyone know if you can get a repair pannel for the bottom edge of tail gate that has rotted

I am based in Chester so the nearer the better

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Re: tail gate for 1986 T25 syncro

Postby silverbullet » 22 Feb 2014, 21:00

I realized some time ago when I needed to sort one that there are no good ones left. So I had one restored at cost of some 400 quid, perfect work to frame and skin, both bottom corners fully rebuilt.
Your syncro is the same age as ours, 28 years and counting, so we are all having to face up to the restoraton game now.
Find a good welder/restorer is my advice.
PS I dont think Schofields do a tailgate repair panel yet.
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Re: tail gate for 1986 T25 syncro

Postby hugomonkey » 22 Feb 2014, 21:32

ive got a few good ones if you can wait til im over next ,should be in about 6 weeks
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Re: tail gate for 1986 T25 syncro

Postby Simon Baxter » 23 Feb 2014, 16:18

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Re: tail gate for 1986 T25 syncro

Postby max and caddy » 23 Feb 2014, 19:44

I have a nice shiney one waiting to go on my van...but the one that comes off is looking for a new home?its not bad but has some minor bubbling along the bottom edge.

It's in Lancaster.
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Re: tail gate for 1986 T25 syncro

Postby dirty-syncro-lover » 23 Feb 2014, 21:08

ive got a good one with window but im in n devon
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