Mendips weekend from the calendar

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Re: Mendips weekend from the calendar

Postby ermie571 » 28 Mar 2014, 15:57

There were several children at syncro-pendence last year!

They seemed to enjoy themselves in the river, the mud, the driving, the campfire, the river a bit more even when told not to as there were no more dry clothes... :rofl

Its definitely NOT an adult only thing....we are a family club....and kids will play with other kids!

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Re: Mendips weekend from the calendar

Postby Bucketbabe » 28 Mar 2014, 19:08

tforturton wrote:Does anyone bring their kids along to these events? I usually have my son over on the weekends, and was planning on him coming with me, but he's a bit wary - the usual "there won't be anyone I know" routine. So I just wondered if anyone else bring their kids with them. Is it suitable for young teenagers? I would have thought so, but what does everyone else think?

Also, when are the venue details to be announced?

Well, he knows you. Chance to share a fun weekend with a shared interest?
My experience of 13 year old lads (I've had 2) is that they would rather be with adults than younger kids anyway. Let him listen to the banter, maybe even have a cheeky shandy :P
Might be just what you both need.
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