Diff locks help in south east

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Diff locks help in south east

Postby dcfb77 » 27 Feb 2014, 09:29

Anyone know a workshop in South East that knows their way around syncro diff locks?

I need sorting of both front and back diffs on my syncro as struggling to make sense of the whole thing...

Thanks, David
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Re: Diff locks help in south east

Postby hugomonkey » 27 Feb 2014, 09:52

Hi David whats the problem? maybe we can help you here on the forum and save you some hard earned cash
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Re: Diff locks help in south east

Postby bene » 27 Feb 2014, 12:30

Yeh definately worth getting advice on here first...
Im from the South East and i dont think any workshops down here will have much knowledge about syncros and diff locks. I could be wrong though!
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Re: Diff locks help in south east

Postby jes*b » 27 Feb 2014, 12:33

When you say SE ? Where exactly.
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Re: Diff locks help in south east

Postby owain » 27 Feb 2014, 16:48

Hi, Resto Classics in hastings 01424 445020. The owner has a 16" doka, his second, and i use them for my syncros . Know their stuff. cheers owen
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Re: Diff locks help in south east

Postby dcfb77 » 02 Mar 2014, 11:16

Thanks for the replies. I'm in Hertfordshire (Potters Bar). In terms of what is not working.... front diff used to work until I stripped the dash to take it off, think vacuum lines are either split or not put on right way around when I put it all back together. Rear diff used to work too but was left on by friend after he had car washed and idiots pushed the knob in, he drove it for 10 miles and now does not engage... He said while he was driving it with rear diffs on it was binding & clicking out of place, now rear diff wont engage.... he must have done around 10 miles with it like that before calling me at which point rear diff lock was turned off.

Just want to have them both working as they should. Going back to Croatia on holiday this year. Last time there was in a 2WD so keen to play with the Syncro when there.

It just seems like one of those things I dont want to attempt myself, kinda like electrics, not great with it so would rather leave it to the "experts"...

Any recommendation?

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Re: Diff locks help in south east

Postby HarryMann » 02 Mar 2014, 23:29

Shouldn't lend Syncros to friends let alone enemies...
Transaxles are far too valuable & expensive to repair. . I even write a rather threatening note and leave in cab before MOTs about gear selection and care to be taken.. they never seem to mind being told to be careful.

Now.. bring it to Berko & I'll have a look for you. But don't drive here with a difflock on... the front will kill you & the rear will bankrupt you :-)

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