Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

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Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby tforturton » 05 Mar 2014, 22:13

1990 2.1 DJ Syncro Caravelle/Westfalia conversion RHD
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby jed the spread » 05 Mar 2014, 22:20

No such thing as a cheap Syncro, you know that :wink:


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jed the spread
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby Jim San » 05 Mar 2014, 22:39

He's after 6 or 7 k for it,

Little body repair above sill in front of offside rear wheel (our offside)

A few minor advisories on recent MOT (wheel bearing wear etc)

Sounds/looks a decent bus at the right price.
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Jim San
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby Dumptruckface » 05 Mar 2014, 22:41

I have been watching this one for a while, it seems go to the last bidding
Then get re listed, don't quote me but I'm pretty sure this is the
3rd the it's been re listed? It's kinda put me off
That and the fact I now have me a syncro!!
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby Syncrobaz » 05 Mar 2014, 23:13

WHS ^^^^ I think if it was genuine it would have sold by now ???
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby jed the spread » 06 Mar 2014, 00:08

Has anyone on here actually bought a Syncro blind from UK ebay and its worked out half OK?

Might be worth keeping in mind that cars end up on Ebay for a reason, usually because nobody wants them and they are one step away from the scrap yard, otherwise we would all be snapping them up. I would say, buy a Syncro from Ebay unknown and kiss 10k good bye, that waves good bye to some serious quality life....

Hope this helps.


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jed the spread
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby Dumptruckface » 06 Mar 2014, 06:49

I did! My dog rough single cab pick up was on eBay, white one
On most recently, I bought cheap as I want to build it up right and know it's all correct, my worry is you could spend 6k plus on one and it turns out to be a money pit, worst case on mine if I had to replace both diffs, the gear box needs a re build and the cvs needs replacing i could do the lot, (well get it done) and do the bodywork myself I would have the perfect syncro (for me) and I know it's all correct and the money I have in it would be around it's value.
If that makes sense? As is happens the trucks running gear all seems pretty good so far, she runs and drives nice, obviously any work thAt it needs will get done over time as unfortunately I don't have
Allot to spend at once.
All said and done I got me a rough truck with 11 months mot and tax that drives nice for little money, I'm
Chuffed to finally have a syncro!
I have named her Shirley , as in Shirley off eastenders as she is dog rough and ugly!! But man she is hard!!
And I wouldn't want to fight it!!!
1988 S cab syncro
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1990 karmann gispy
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby crazydiamond » 06 Mar 2014, 07:42

Yep I bought mine of the bay, and I still like it :ok Of course there are issues, but its a really nice van, its a work in progress thing as allways.
It did help that it was a "known" van though.
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby poshbuggers » 06 Mar 2014, 09:56

I bought 2 of mine from there. Just did lots of research and went in mindful of the pitfalls. It took some time to find them and I had friends looking out on my behalf too.

Still - both were under 2k and decent things for the money. I consider myself blessed.

'90 Syncro Hightop. Ex-BUPA/Rowan ambulance with 2.0L GTI power and some curious windows.
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby bene » 06 Mar 2014, 14:09

just thought i would put my 2 penneth in...
Jed, i would agree with you and disagree with you at the same time if thats ok?!

I just bought my first syncro from eBay, and yes it isnt that great to look at and in fact wasnt that great all round. But i have owned and do own quite a few cars and most were projects i purchased from eBay.
The way i see it, i buy something for cheap that somebody has already gashed up the main thing that is going to cost anything to fix it is TIME... now im no mechanic or an expert welder or a paint specialist but i am willing to learn and have learnt a great deal since i bought my first beetle at the age of 15 and re-built it myself, painted it myself etc etc (with a little help from a forgiving dad).
Every car i have bought has been a project, solely because i cannot afford to buy what i want for the money expected for it. I own a 1964 splitscreen, and i got it cheap, really cheap, there is no way i could warrent spending £12,000 upwards on the van i actually wanted, so i spent more than half that and built what i wanted myself. I still own that van and will never sell it. Its mine.

Im hoping i will feel the same way i do about the sorry looking syncro i just bought 'blind' from eBay, after i have spent loads of time (and obviuosly some money) I will have something similar to what i actually want but for a lot less money (but a lot more time).

Now, thats how my brain works... I wish i could bring my brain around to the idea of saving up 5,6,7,8,9, or 10 grand to get the ideal syncro i wanted, but that is never going to happen.
So, i agree, you will pretty much never get a decent vehicle on eBay for less than its actually worth, but as long as you have time, patience and the willingness to learn it is possible to get what you want. god, i sound like a motivational speaker or something.

There is always more than one way of doing something - in this case, save up your money and buy your dream car, or spend less on something that is a bit rubbish but spend time and hopefully less money and you will get the same end result.

end of waffle.
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby syncropaddy » 06 Mar 2014, 17:13

I have bought six vehicles off E Bay, four Mercs from UK and two Syncros from Germany. Only one dud amongst them but I came away quits after a battle. Two of the Mercs I still have and are probably the best cars I will ever own!

One Syncro, five Mercedes Benzs and a rocket ship
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby KarlT » 06 Mar 2014, 18:41

Makes me laugh when some people on here spend 2 years researching, with 12 viewings all over the country, weekends away, 100's & 100's of pounds in travelling & they still haven't actually bought anything!! :lol:

Bought absolutely loads off ebay, most unseen. Living at the end of the world, its a real hassle going to view, everything interesting is 200 miles away. Been very happy with most and have even happened upon a couple of bargains.

For numbers of buyers eyes and vehicle choice, you can't beat Ebay! :ok
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby ratinyho » 06 Mar 2014, 21:55

Bought a T4 blind off the bay a few years back and flew to Inverness to collect it. One of the best vans i've ever bought :ok

Also bought a Bluestar multivan blind from Bezier in the South of France and flew over for that to. Drove back 998 miles sweet as a nut and was much better than i thought and even had an Afn tdi in it that wasn't in the advert!!

My last Syncro i picked up blind except a few pics. Drove from Belfast to South Wales without a single issue. Needs some tlc which i knew beforehand because the seller was brutally honest.

If the seller is genuine then i'll take the chance on most things. There's nothing quite like that feeling of walking out of an airport i going to make it home?! :lol:

Ps.....forgot about the Doka from the Isle of Wight. Great memorys!
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby voetsekman » 06 Mar 2014, 22:14

Was sold a few weeks back £4300, looks like he has his buddies bidding for him.
Bought my last four motors off the dreaded bay, all old classic stuff even a catermaran...all blind.
My Syncro and Westy were at the other end of the country :? thinking on they all were. I recon as long as you do your homework, have a word with the seller and calculate the risk into the price, you're left with the exiting bit, or not if you get it wrong :shock:
No horror stories so far, saying that my wife has banned me from ebay................for now!
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Re: Cheap Syncro on the Bay....?

Postby stevealex » 06 Mar 2014, 22:46

I bought my 16 doka blind on ebay, couldn't see it as I was in Germany.

Went up to £2000 which I figured I'd get back if I broke it. Then spent another £2000 with a "specialist" to get an mot, could of been much cheaper if I had time to do the work myself. Since then I've done a good 20000 miles in it trouble free and spent very little else and is just about my favourite vehicle I've ever bought. It still needs some body work which I will do this year all being well, but nothing that really matters and hopefully nothing that's going to cost me £10000 :rofl

As others have said ebay is no different to anything else with old cars, you need to do your homework and keep a sensible eye on the price. I think for most of us though, these vehicles cannot be boiled down to cold hard cash :wink:
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