TSR Subaru conversion - Has anyone had one done?

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Re: TSR Subaru conversion - Has anyone had one done?

Postby badbod777 » 02 Apr 2011, 01:23

ive had work done by this crowd and was not very impressed with the work ,shoddy wiring ,and not a lot of care with my bus (splitty)at the time,i left the a car cover as sugestted by them and my bus got left outside and they never covered it ,i also gained a dent in the door ,someone else in my local club has a bus with one of there scooby conversions in and he was none too impressed either .......so my advise would be GO ELSEWHERE!!!!!
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Re: TSR Subaru conversion - Has anyone had one done?

Postby Ollie » 02 Apr 2011, 06:32

:) and the list goes on... It just shows that a reputation will follow in their tracks, so you would think TSR would aim to do quality jobs to keep the jobs coming. I just wish I saw this thread before I had mine done...
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Re: TSR Subaru conversion - Has anyone had one done?

Postby silverbullet » 10 Apr 2011, 20:18

Played around with my wiring today, still idles too fast, sprayed WD40 at all the air connections but no rev rise = no leaks.
Crap wiring is the death of any good conversion. Startin to hate this one. Not the engine, just all the wiring and the fussy ecu that wants to control everything from the courtesy light upwards :evil:
The trouble with all this Jap stuff is they kept changing and "improving" things almost year-on-year, never mind the loom differences between JDM and UK or US export models (sometimes just swapping 2 pins in a plug)
Anyone with better auto electric skills want to swap it for a different petrol conversion? I'd be happy with a Gti 16v.
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Re: TSR Subaru conversion - Has anyone had one done?

Postby RJES » 10 Apr 2011, 23:43

"Crap wiring is the death of any good conversion"

Too true. Regardless of who did the wiring work, bodged wiring, bizarre cold start rituals to attempt to get around omitted cold start circuits, and missing self diagnosis systems in Subaru conversions annoy me because they all result in niggling probems, unreliability, or difficult fault diagnosis. All of these then give the conversions in general a bad name, when if done correctly 95% of the pre CAN bus engines can be made to run exactly as they did in the Subaru, and of the remaining 5% most can run so close to how Subaru intended when used in a conversion that most people would never know.
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Re: TSR Subaru conversion - Has anyone had one done?

Postby daveyt25 » 23 Aug 2011, 17:06

i want my van converted who do i iuse if not tsr
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