T25 1.7 Diesel engine conversion to Suburu 2l petrol

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T25 1.7 Diesel engine conversion to Suburu 2l petrol

Postby VWT251987 » 06 Aug 2011, 22:00

Hi Guys

New to forum after a bit of advice :D

I have a VW T25 1.7 diesel . Ok so its a big sluggish and its done over 150k but I have my mums 1997 Suburu 2.0l automatic petrol sat on my drive as it had a slight rear end bump last month and got wrote off so we are scrapping it.. Although suburu does drive fine just a coolant pipe leaking so have to top water up every 10 miles! :roll:
I've had a look on net about suburu engine conversions (I am a woman and I speak for myself only, that woman and engines do not mix!) but I just want to know if any one has done it ? is it a major job? How much should I be expecting to pay someone to do it?
Am in catch 22 :?: - original engine will probably need changing at some point in future we already had a few problems with fuel injection pump and it smoking quite bad so spent a bit of money (part and parcel I know)
ANY help or any thought / tips etc greatly appreciated.

Thank you ! :-) :D
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Re: T25 1.7 Diesel engine conversion to Suburu 2l petrol

Postby toomanytoys » 07 Aug 2011, 09:51

Hi, its all possible.. but to do it right will cost I am afraid.. if you are unable to perform the work yourself, you are loking at quite a lot of cost.. even tho you already have the engine and electrics needed.. As its already a diesel, then its really easier and cheaper to go to a 1.9 non turbo diesel engine rather than going scooby powered..
You have a PM.. :wink:
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