LPG in Spain

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LPG in Spain

Postby helga592 » 31 Jan 2009, 09:25

Anybody been to spain on LPG? How easy is it to find filling stations? I'm planing a trip this year so far my resurch shows only a few filling stations.
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Re: LPG in Spain

Postby chippieshaun » 31 Jan 2009, 10:37

We were in Spain for a week or so in September.
Unfortunately we found it impossible to find LPG.
Maybe we were just unlucky but just couldn't find any around.
Have you seen this?


It may help.
I suppose we just weren't prepared to put the leg work in to find any!
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Re: LPG in Spain

Postby ginge » 01 Feb 2009, 15:24

have read the same on another site they reckon spain is bad for lpg
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Re: LPG in Spain

Postby crazydiamond » 11 Feb 2009, 20:08

We were in Northern Spain a couple of years ago and would like to go back, but I believed that LPG was only used for council vehicles and public services, not private use. This may have changed, I would really like to know the situation in 2009. Geoff
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Re: LPG in Spain

Postby dannybook » 07 Feb 2010, 21:57

Lpg in spain is used in the domestic market, (homes) so isn't widely available for use in vehicles. Thats why!!
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Re: LPG in Spain

Postby chriscburgess » 15 Feb 2010, 18:01

Same! No sign of LPG anywhere in northern spain
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Re: LPG in Spain

Postby chippieshaun » 15 Feb 2010, 23:05

I was is Spain again Nov/Dec 09 and can confirm that there is definately LPG in spain!

They are all repsol fillling stations and none of them are regular service stations.....they are more like the calor gas yards you get over here but do vehicle fuel aswell. THey are all in the 'back of beyond' and you really need a satnav to find them.
I have a map issued by repsol listing all of their autogas depots over the whole of spain. It has sat nav co-ordinates on it aswell. I will dig it out of the van and see if i can scan it and post it on here.
When we did find them we were rewarded with gas at 55 cents a litre!!
We visited the ones in Cordoba,Malaga, Seville and Santander.
The one in Seville had an English style fitting and the others had some other wierd style......no probs though cos the blokes always had an adaptor in their pocket.
I did hear something about Spain having a law which prohibits the sale of LPG from the same place as petrol/diesel is sold(something to do with fear of explosions).......really dont know if that is true or not but my experience seems to confirm it. You can certainly forget about finding gas at regular service stations.......i tried it and actually got slightly obsessed with it!!
Here's some photographic evidence (i told you i got a bit obsessed!)



I'll sort that map out when i've got a minute , if people would find it of use?
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Re: LPG in Spain

Postby toomanytoys » 16 Feb 2010, 00:17

Some years ago, LPG instalations were not regulated in any way... people wer home fitting and putting bottles in the boot etc... after a few seroius accidents the gov did the normal thing and banned all LPG , except for councils etc and Taxi's.. the only way to get an LPG fill was to seek out the local Taxi co and wave cash...

nice to hear that at least a few LPG stations are opening again..
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Re: LPG in Spain

Postby chippieshaun » 16 Apr 2010, 21:22

I completely forgot to do this!
Here are a couple of scans for the original Repsol Autogas information map/booklet.
I hope this is of some help to anyone planning a trip to Spain this summer.
I can vouch for half a dozen of these gas stations and have found the gps coordinates to be spot on.
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