LPG convertor in South Wales

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LPG convertor in South Wales

Postby Tim D » 08 Jan 2010, 23:46

Hi, does anyone know of a decent LPG convertor in South West Wales as I'm going to get my 2.1 dj converted asap, I can see from other threads that Steve at Gasure is probably my best bet but Chester is a long way from me especially if theres a problem that needs sorting later on, theres a garage on the web called ProfessAutogas based in Ystrad Mynach (near Cardiff) who fit the Polish ac stag 300 system for £1000 inc vat; has anyone had experience of this system or company?

Tim D
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Re: LPG convertor in South Wales

Postby Flibbertigibbet » 09 Jan 2010, 19:21

A logn way ? I live in Brighton and have had 2 gasure conversions ..........just book it in .it will not go wrong
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Re: LPG convertor in South Wales

Postby 72BUG » 09 Jan 2010, 19:25

Tim what engine do you have? If it's Aircooled there are very few places that can certify the conversion for insurance purposes. I would highly reccomend gasure. I used them and I'm on the opposite side of the country.

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Re: LPG convertor in South Wales

Postby Willoughby » 09 Jan 2010, 23:20

Hi Tim.

Most ppl go to Gasure so that there ain't problems that need sorting :ok

If you look throught the forum there a few lucky enough to live close by but the majority are willing to travel for extra peace of mind.

It was a 500 mile round trip for me, and it was worth every mile. (Esp on the road home :D )

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Re: LPG convertor in South Wales

Postby cogggo » 12 Jan 2010, 19:45

I live in devon and go to steve at gas sure for my annual service and lpg installation. worth the time and travel taken.
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Re: LPG convertor in South Wales

Postby Tim D » 12 Jan 2010, 21:13

Thanks to everyone for the replies, I will follow your advice and contact Steve at Gasure

Tim D
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Re: LPG convertor in South Wales

Postby dannybook » 12 Feb 2010, 22:19

I looked at these guys and wasn't impressed.Bish bash bosh sort of setup! I ended up going to gas4cars near milton keynes. The bloke there is a right pratt and i didn't like him but the work was very good. Excellent in fact. I had a closed loop system with a lambda probe fitted.What im saying is that i drove from Bath to him, left it with him for a week, then went back to get it. So stop worrying about the distance and get Gasure to do it. Ive spoken to him about electric windows, central locking and alarms and he is straight and spot on. If i'd been a member then i would've gone to Gasure. Good luck, you wont regret getting it done.
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